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Health Means the World to Us

by The Sandbox Staff | April 20 2017

What’s not to love about spring?! Things are blooming and the sun is shining. And yes, it’s oh so nice to be on the other side of winter and enjoy our time outdoors. Living in such a beautiful province makes it easy to fall in love with this season—and the whole planet too! April 22 marks this year’s Earth Day celebrations. What an appropriate time to talk about all the ways you and your teammates…»

Take the Suck out of Mental Health

by Leanne Companion ASEBP | April 13 2017

I was joking with some friends the other day about inventing a stress vacuum to neatly suck up and dispose of any and all issues that interfere with our lives. Wouldn’t that be nice?! It seems that there are always times in our lives where things start going sideways and our stress feels out of control. During these times, it comforts me to know that Employee and Family Assistance programs, like…»

Being Self-Care Aware

by The Sandbox Staff | April 6 2017

As health champions, most of our focus ends up being on other people. After all, isn’t that how we create a healthy workplace? But stop for a moment and think about the last time you spent some of your workplace wellness-focused energy on doing something just for you. If you’re having a hard time remembering, then this is the blog for you. Self-care is possibly one of the most important parts…»

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

by Neil Neary ASEBP | March 30 2017

While it doesn’t quite feel like spring has sprung here in Edmonton, the calendar assures me that it will soon be April. There’s no disputing that the best thing about April is the start of the baseball season, but another thing to get excited about is the chance to spend more time outside. If you’re like me and are looking to maximize your time enjoying spring and summer in Alberta, walking…»

Get Outta Here!

by The Sandbox Staff | March 23 2017

The old adage about March—in like a lion, out like a lamb—was certainly true for Albertans this year. I think we all watched as friends and colleagues escaped to sunny shores in attempts to avoid the “lion” part of the month. Now that the weather has inched its way back to the realm of reasonability and spring has officially sprung, it’s time to start thinking about our escapes a little…»

We are Where we Live, Study, Play and Work

by The PLACE Research Lab Team The PLACE Research Lab | March 16 2017

We have all heard about the social determinants of health before but what do they mean exactly? What do they have to do with our lives? My short answer is...everything! What you do for a living, how much you earn, how you self-identify (and how others identify) your gender and race, your immigration status, your highest level of education, how difficult it is to access health and social services,…»

Spreading the March Message

by The Sandbox Staff | March 9 2017

March is an exciting month for all of us here at The Sandbox. Not only does everyone start to get giddy about the first official day of spring (which is in just 11 days, by the way!), we also get excited about the fun—and often delicious—festivities happening during Nutrition Month! In the Not-so-Distant Past Just three years ago, a few interested ASEBP employees came together to form a planning…»

Beyond the Prescription: Connecting with Pharmacists

by Yatin Patel ASEBP | March 2 2017

The colder months of winter are in the rear view mirror, bringing early signs of warmer weather in March—yay! What you may not be aware of is that March is also Pharmacist Awareness Month and I want to tell you how you can integrate this knowledge into your wellness initiatives. Before joining the ASEBP family, I focused my pharmacy practice on assisting patients with their health. Did you know…»

Show Some Love This February

by The Sandbox Staff | February 23 2017

February's usually a month we associate with heart-shaped chocolates, everything red and/or pink and filling out dozens upon dozens of Valentine cards for your kid's classmates (you work at a school—you know what I'm talking about!). But when you get down to it, February is really about showing some love to your favourite people and at work that includes celebrating your team. In the spirit of sharing…»

Magic Moments

by Megan Hunter ASEBP | February 16 2017

I made the move from Edmonton to Calgary recently, and I’ve gotta say, relocating can be a mixture of unfamiliar and exciting. Lucky for me, I have been warmly received by the Comprehensive School Health and recreation communities here in southern Alberta. Through my new friends, I’m learning about all of the creative ways different groups have been exploring employee wellness and one idea in…»