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Start the School Year with a Bang!

by The Sandbox Staff | September 21 2017

School’s back in and we're all likely feeling a bit of those summer blues as we get back into the swing of things. September marks a new school year and (potentially) new habits—and what an appropriate time to set the standard for your workplace wellness initiatives! Here are some ideas to help all of you wellness champions start the new school year with your best foot forward for your school…»

Back to School Shopping

by Krista Sheehan ASEBP | September 14 2017

Chances are, each one of you has dedicated at least some portion of the last two months to back-to-school shopping. Whether it be for your child’s first-day-of-school outfit, supplies for the classroom, new décor for your office or groceries for meal prep—no matter what store you enter, you are constantly reminded that it’s time to return to work (and that Christmas is only a few months away…»

Hip, Hip, Hooray, We’ve Hit 100 Blogs Today!

by The Sandbox Staff | September 7 2017

Well, today’s the day—we’ve officially published blog #100! We feel a Sandbox milestone like this deserves a stroll down memory lane—and maybe even a high-five or two—so lace up those sneakers and practice your high-fiving form. Here we go! Blogging Bliss Let’s start by reminiscing about our very first blog or, should we say, vlog. Yes, that’s right—ASEBP’s CEO, Jennifer Carson,…»

Candid Conversations: Insight on Leadership Development

by Leanne Keyko ASEBP | August 31 2017

One of the best parts of my job is the project work I get to be involved in. The opportunity to dive into something specific and produce meaningful outcomes keeps me inspired and engaged. It was through some of this work that I had the opportunity to meet David Fraser—a name that may be familiar to many of you. David finished his career with Edmonton Public Schools a couple of years ago where he…»

Mind over Matter

by The Sandbox Staff | August 24 2017

August can be bittersweet: fall is around the corner, yet there’s still so much valuable summer time to enjoy. Navigating through these opposing forces can take away from the much needed “recharge time” required to give your all during the busy season ahead. It’s times like these where mindfulness practices and self-care come in handy, getting you and your team ready for the next school year.…»

It Takes a Village

by Megan Hunter ASEBP | August 17 2017

One of my favourite things about being an ASEBP workplace wellness liaison is the opportunity to collaborate with wellness champions and other health advocates in Alberta’s school jurisdictions. Each May, Alberta Health Services (AHS) Zone 4 hosts a wellness conversation spearheaded by Lorna Muise, an AHS wellness powerhouse and fellow Sandbox blogger. This inspirational day brings leaders in…»

Swing into the New Year

by The Sandbox Staff | August 10 2017

Whether you’ve been enjoying a vacation from work or you're on the daily grind, there’s no denying that the summer months are just more relaxing. There’s just something about those long, sunny days that we never seem to get enough of. That’s why it’s crucial to make the most of your summer with plenty of down-time, relaxation and planning for the year ahead. Yes, you read that right: planning!…»

One Step at a Time:
Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

by Stéphanie Caron-Roy ASEBP | August 3 2017

As I take a leisurely stroll outside, enjoying the beautiful Calgary weather, it reminds me how much I adore the summer months. Not only does summer allow me to play tennis, go for bike rides and relax on a patio, it also allows me the time to reflect on the last school year. It’s so great to hear and see all of the amazing work happening throughout the province, focusing on building safe and caring…»

Chillin’ Out, Maxin’, Relaxin’ All Cool

by The Sandbox Staff | July 27 2017

The summer tunes are on full blast and green river valleys, bicycles and BBQs are calling our names. Between hot days and long summer nights, we’re ready to literally abandon technology and hit the road for a good camping trip. There’s something to be said about unplugging, slowing things down and taking the time you need to rejuvenate! Relax Now that the workload has calmed down, take the “I…»

Connecting the Wellness Dots

by Shandy Reed ASEBP | July 20 2017

A few months ago I had the good fortune of attending a conference targeted to professionals working in the field of health benefits (Bullseye! That’s me!). Not surprisingly, many of the delegates shared their ideas about the importance of employee and workplace health and how, as champions, we can learn from each other’s experiences to help us achieve success. Huzzah—jackpot! Making the Job…»