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The Learning Journey

by Lorna Muise Alberta Health Services | November 23 2017

Do you encourage new things in your workplace? Do you seek to learn and refine skills throughout the school year? My team manager recently shared the following story about the importance of being a continual learner: Kano Jigoro was the father of Judo and an expert in the sport. Before his death he had one request of his students, “Bury me in my white belt.” His dying wish was to be remembered…»

Let’s All Get Off the Island Together

by The Sandbox Staff | November 16 2017

Remember that epic Hollywood movie about the man marooned on a deserted island, Cast Away? Picture Tom Hanks’s character, Chuck, and his trusted side-kick, Wilson (the less than helpful volleyball companion), trying to ‘collaborate’ to get off the island and safely home. We use ‘collaboration’ in quotes because Wilson was physically there but not in mind or spirit, while Chuck desperately…»

Top Tips for Health and Wellness Promotion

by Kylie McLean ASEBP | November 9 2017

Is it just me or have you also felt frustrated or rolled your eyes at a “Top # List” (also called a listicle) you’ve read on the Internet or in a magazine? From listicles like Top Five Ways to Relieve Stress, Top Eight Ways to Make it Big or Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Zombie Apocalypse….they’re everywhere! I mean, I would have Googled it earlier if someone had told me there were only three things…»

Lessons from a Decade of Progress on Workplace Mental Health

by Dr. Graham Lowe ASEBP Consultant | November 2 2017

Canadians have accomplished a lot in the past decade, especially in promoting workplace mental health. Reflecting back on over 10 years of workplace mental health initiatives is cause for celebration! It also provides valuable lessons about how to design initiatives so that more Canadians are able to psychologically flourish in their jobs and workplaces. A Brief History Canadian employers, workers…»

Know Where to Go

by The Sandbox Staff | October 26 2017

Whether you’re a workplace wellness newbie or a seasoned vet, knowing where to turn for reliable information and resources can be a struggle. The Internet can be a splendid thing but it can also make it difficult, at times, to discern what is fact and what’s just an opinion. Since you’ve found us here at The Sandbox, we know you’re already on the right track! All of our resources are vetted—they’re…»

Story Time

by The Sandbox Staff | October 19 2017

Everyone loves a good story. Stories are a perfect package that allow us to come together and pass along information, opinions, culture, community, emotion and infinitely more. Less than the actual story, it’s in the sharing that we feel connected. In fact, good or bad, sharing is a significant part of our culture these days—so much so that the terms “overshare” and “TMI” (too much information)…»

A Healthy Approach to Leadership

by Kelli Littlechilds ASEBP | October 12 2017

Have you ever heard the tear-jerking line from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, “Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten?" This is how I like to think of ASEBP. I’ve spent my entire career at ASEBP and, throughout it all, the idea of my peers and staff as an extension of my family is something I am drawn to. You may not love every member of your family—we all have that…»

Culture and Connection

by The Sandbox Staff | October 5 2017

Although returning to work after summer can feel like a roller coaster, it can bring a renewed sense of comradery and connection as you catch up with old colleagues, meet new ones and take time to connect and collaborate with your team. As the start of the school year becomes a distant memory, it’s the perfect time to get reacquainted with some strategies to keep that collegial connection alive…»

Life is Like a Bowl of Jell-O

by Jennifer Carson ASEBP | September 28 2017

I’m into single digits. My office is almost empty of all my personal things and the day has come so quickly. Wondering what I’m talking about? It’s official—I’m onto my final days as ASEBP’s CEO. As I say my goodbyes to all of the amazing ASBEP staff, incredible stakeholders and colleagues I’ve grown close with over the years, I thought I’d also take the opportunity to share some Sandbox-related…»

Start the School Year with a Bang!

by The Sandbox Staff | September 21 2017

School’s back in and we're all likely feeling a bit of those summer blues as we get back into the swing of things. September marks a new school year and (potentially) new habits—and what an appropriate time to set the standard for your workplace wellness initiatives! Here are some ideas to help all of you wellness champions start the new school year with your best foot forward for your school…»